Pros and Cons of Escort Sites

Many online adult dating services and adult video chat services are beginning to use Escort Sites as a way to market their services. Unfortunately, all too often Escort Sites are being lumped together with free dating sites. Free dating sites are not only for people looking to meet someone for love or a one night stand. Free dating sites also offer an open forum for anyone interested in meeting like minded people. They can be very useful when you have friends from different cultures or different economic backgrounds.

There are drawbacks to both free dating and Escort Sites. The free dating sites generally lack the professionalism of most professional Escort Services. The ads for Escort Services on these sites tend to be very provocative and sometimes less than law enforcement and legal.

Even though most of the ads are probably not going to be explicit, it is still possible to read things that may not be suitable for some adults. That said, there is still no harm in reading the adult ads on escort sites and/or dating services for your own safety. While many of the pros and cons about Escort Services are similar to those of online dating, there are the added pros and cons of Escort Sites as well.

One of the major pros of Escort Sites is that they offer a huge database of potential candidates. They can compile a potential candidate list based on location, ethnicity, interests, hobbies, religion, education, and other criteria. That is not something that can always be done accurately or reliably for free online dating services.

Some of the cons of Escort Sites include that Escort Services tend to use older versions of photographs. That can create a problem for potential partners. It can also be difficult for people of varying ethnicity and religious backgrounds to find compatible matches. In some cases it can be difficult to match potential partners to compatible profiles. That said most of the cons associated with Escort Sites are not severe enough to warrant concern. These include:

Some of the pros of Escort Services include the fact that Escort Services often charge a flat rate for transport and hotel accommodations. This may not always be a bargain. For example a thirty dollar night at a popular hotel may not be the same as a fifty dollar night at the same hotel. Many of the Escort Sites allow people to review their profiles and qualifications before sending them an application. Reviews are highly recommended, especially by those who may have used the service in the past. Reviews can help potential clients better understand the pros and cons of working with a sex worker and/or escort.

There are a few escorts and online dating services that do not use a pay-to-service system. These types of sites provide two people, generally women, with a free camera and then charge the user for sex whenever they want. There are benefits to this system including the fact that there is no pressure to work with anyone. In the past the pay-to-service model has been criticized for not giving enough discretion to the customer.

The fact remains that escorts exist and are widely available. The choice of which type of adult services is right for each person is largely a personal decision. While some people enjoy the security of a paying service, others may prefer the freedom of a paid date. Each type of Escort Site has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each can be tailored to fit the individual needs of the user. Ultimately, it is up to each person to weigh the pros and cons of adult services based on their own personal preferences.


  1. Her first question to you should always be, “What are you doing?” Be as detailed as possible.

  2. If she seems like she is getting caught up, then suggest taking a break and getting back to chat later in the evening.

  3. Instead, use the chat session to go over what you both agreed to do before you can get to sex and if she agrees, make sure you set a date.

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